Adam Rowney

Machina Animas


This series was one of the largest projects I have collaborated on in a while, and certainly one of the more creative ones. A lot of work went into the the planning, the shoot itself, and the post production, so I think the team and I are happy to finally release the images!

Science fiction has long been an interest / fascination of mine, but I’ve never really incorporated it into my work before. The direct influence on this series were the films Blade Runner, and more recently, Ex Machina. Two quite different films in their setting, but both dealing with AI, and their integration within human society. I definitely want to explore similar themes in the future.

Model – Cass Lou
Designer – Marie London
Hair + Makeup – Face Addict Hair Junkie








I included some closeups so you can see the synthetic look that I was going for. I wanted something subtle, so I kept some skin texture and hair, but I made the skin unrealistically perfect. I also added the lines where the artificial skin can be taken off or re-attached if that was hypothetically ever needed.


 I gave the eyes a shiny / metallic look in post production, although I kept some of the natural eye colour on the edges. These were inspired by the eyes of Olhado, a character from Speaker of the Dead, a science fiction novel from the Ender Quartet series.


On a more serious note. Here is robot playing with a bunch of kittens – Liiiinnnkkkkk




With the equinox almost upon us, and spring peaking it’s head up from winters long sleep, it seemed appropriate to release this festival inspired headdress shoot. I came across an image that Rosie had taken while at Boomtown, wearing the gorgeous headdress shown below, and I fell in love with the look. After discussing ideas, we planned the followings series of images. A single flashgun was used to create the harsh lighting, to mimic a sunlit environment for the images to blossom in. I have worked with both Rosie and Ashley a number of times, so it was great to work together again!

Model – Rosie Dent
MUA / Hair Styling – Ashley Kay Gifford / Primp Powder Pout





Model – Thais


One of the last sets of images I took of 2014, and one of my favourites. Thais and I have been talking about working with each other for so long now, and to finally shoot together was amazing! We didn’t have a particularly complex concept, we just decided to use beautiful items that would work well, to keep the hair natural and messy, the retouching to a minimum, and the lighting quite soft and beautiful to go with all of this.

You can find Thais over on Facebook and Instagram.






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Ethereal Grace


Back in 2012, while on a cover shoot, I ended up shooting some overhead shots of the model. I was balanced precariously up a tree with the model laid out flat on the grass. The images ended up looking amazing and I really loved them! Although I didn’t end up using them in the publication, as I felt they did not fit the rest of the editorial. But the images were not wasted. They inspired me to take the concept a little further, and I ended up creating this series of images for Red Creative.

Melise – First Model Management
Makeup – Anna Durston
Styling – Jaleesa Burgess






As someone who does not like heights, that scaffolding was quite daunting for me to say the least! But it gave me the angle I needed, allowing me to get as best a perspective as possible.


Underneath the paper was insulating foam. It was cold in the studio that day, and I didn’t want the model to feel the cold through the paper. We also had tea and hot water bottles on hand for between shots. adamrowney_etherealgrace_bts2

Model – Toby Peach


For this shoot, I wanted to go for a more sophisticated and charming look, so I worked with the equally sophisticated and charming Toby Peach, an actor and workshop organiser, and model for MOT. I kept the lighting quite stark to go with the clean cut styling of the shoot. I used a flashgun, just off centre from the cameras viewpoint. It’s about as basic as you can get for lighting, but quite effective.

Model – Toby Peach – MOT Models