Adam Rowney

Block Party


This series of images was shot with a bold colour theme in mind, with a strong emphasis on a clean cut almost graphic feel to it. The styling kept with this theme to add some pop to the overall feel. Shooting tethered with a 5DII, with a large softbox just above and off centre. I usually shoot straight to card when I am at home, but it definitely is useful shooting tethered when you have a team together, and you want everyone involved to see the results as they are coming out. Best part about it, that tiny backpack!

Shot for Red Creative
Model – Ben Warnock – Bookings Models
Hair + Makeup – Anna Durston
Stylist – Jaleesa Burgess






Android Self Portrait


When I started university, I was very shy, so I found it difficult to ask people to model for me. I had ideas, and I wanted to practice them, so I used to work on a lot of self portraits. Now my main focus is on photographing other people, and I rarely take self portraits anymore. I recently got my hair dyed, so it seemed a good excuse to take a new self portrait. As I shot the Android series recently, I thought it would be fun to implement that style into the image.

Machina Animas


This series was one of the largest projects I have collaborated on in a while, and certainly one of the more creative ones. A lot of work went into the the planning, the shoot itself, and the post production, so I think the team and I are happy to finally release the images!

Science fiction has long been an interest / fascination of mine, but I’ve never really incorporated it into my work before. The direct influence on this series were the films Blade Runner, and more recently, Ex Machina. Two quite different films in their setting, but both dealing with AI, and their integration within human society. I definitely want to explore similar themes in the future.

Model – Cass Lou
Designer – Marie London
Hair + Makeup – Face Addict Hair Junkie








I included some closeups so you can see the synthetic look that I was going for. I wanted something subtle, so I kept some skin texture and hair, but I made the skin unrealistically perfect. I also added the lines where the artificial skin can be taken off or re-attached if that was hypothetically ever needed.


 I gave the eyes a shiny / metallic look in post production, although I kept some of the natural eye colour on the edges. These were inspired by the eyes of Olhado, a character from Speaker of the Dead, a science fiction novel from the Ender Quartet series.


On a more serious note. Here is robot playing with a bunch of kittens – Liiiinnnkkkkk

Kitten Shoot


This series of images was great fun to shoot and edit! I have wanted to do a kitten-esque themed shoot for ages, and Cassie and I ended up collaborating on the concept, and just playing around with ideas. We ended up going for a more subtle kitten look, and just sticking with the hair and nails. The kitten mannerisms were for more important, but even then, I wanted it fairly subtle. Technically the only prop we used were the kitten ears, as the nails were actually added in later in post production.





Olivia Granger


Olivia and I spoke a while back about working together, and we decided to have a dark and softly lit shoot, with dark styling to fit the theme. I had intended to shoot this, and convert it to black and white, but Olivia had recently shaved her head, so she brought along some of her wigs. The turquoise one had a beautiful look to it, and after playing around with editing, I decided that the skin tones and the turquoise hair worked well with the grey background. I haven’t really worked with someone who had so many tattoos before, and Olivia’s were amazing! I absolutely loved working with her. You can find her over on her Instagram.

Nice soft lighting, with two flashheads placedcat the right, with umbrellas. One aimed high for Olivia’s face and upper body, the other for lower body and legs.