Adam Rowney

Month: January, 2010

Production Line / Unwanted Evolution

The above is a new image taken from a mini series I am working on. I took the images last week, and perfected the look of one image (the above). I find if I am creating a series where similarity is concerned, then I create and virtually finalize one image. Then I create a production […]


Photography is relatively new to my life. I have only taken it seriously for just over five years. It wasn’t until I started university just over 2 years ago that my life became more dedicated to using a camera. All this sudden rush of new ideas and processes has created so many first time experiences […]

Upgrading Lighting

For the past 2 years, I have experimented more with lighting images differently. Before, all my images were done using natural light. I do love natural light, but I saw the benefits of learning new techniques. All this time, most of my indoor image have been lit using my bed side lamp. Light Equals Portrait […]

Suicide Rainbow Minus Graphics

This is the series in its entirety, minus the graphics. The editing process for these images alone took way longer than planned, and the graphics based elements took even longer, due to the fact that I had to re-edit them a countless amount of times. The images on the very right hand side were cut […]

Suicide Rainbow

I have been working on a series that was finally completed recently. It took a lot of work, and I had to edit and re-edit so many images. Not all of the images will be uploaded, but the images that are will be uploaded to my flickr account over time. Please do check them out […]