by Adam Rowney

Photography is relatively new to my life. I have only taken it seriously for just over five years. It wasn’t until I started university just over 2 years ago that my life became more dedicated to using a camera. All this sudden rush of new ideas and processes has created so many first time experiences in such a short period of time. Developing film, using a medium format, having my camera stolen, etc etc.

(Incidently, obviously never leave your camera lying around, thieves are everywhere. I named my new Camera Thumper, she is always close by).

Me, with my camera Thumper on the right…

This academic year there have been experiences that are crucial to what I aspire to do, yet I have not done before. The most recent has been my use of models, as apposed to using friends in my photography. I started using models under the advice of a friend of mine, another photographer. I have been using professional models for the past 3 months now.

The next stage, I plan on using a MUA (Make up Artist). Such a small thing to do, but such an important one, just like Bambi’s first steps ! :). I will work with one for the first time on the 1st February.