Adam Rowney

Month: February, 2010

Interview – Laurence Laborie

I have been following Laurence Laborie’s photography for a few years now. I came across her work while researching the Hasselblad Masters Award, (of which she won an award). It is given only to the very best photographer’s of the time, and is a highly respected accolade. I have spoken to her  before, and recently […]

Changing Direction

(One of the very few images from a few years ago that I still love) I have always had an interest in fashion & beauty photography. The elegance, the styling, the clothes, hair, makeup, the whole controlled or semi-controlled process from start to finish.. I like control in my photography. I like to control the […]

Editing ±

Two things I have noticed about the editing of my images the last few years: – I’m much faster – I take much more time Almost a contradiction. The fact I am taking more time is mainly due to me being obsessive compulsive  in nature, constantly going back and forth checking everything is just right. […]

The Old Truman Brewery, London

The Truman Brewery is a gallery in London. It has held many shows and exhibitions there over the years. A few months back I went and saw Rankin’s exhibition there. The work shown was a mix of his past more notable work, as well a recent concept, detailed on the Rankin Live website. Seeing the […]


TF, or “Time For” is commonly used by people in the photographic industry. Other common terms related are TFP (Time For Print) and TFCD (Time For CD). Basically, it means people work together for free, sharing experience and helping to build up a portfolio together. More in depth information on TF here. Model Mayhem (Or […]