MUA / Make Up Artist

by Adam Rowney

This image is from a set I did with the first MUA I ever used. I decided to experiment with MUA’s recently, so I could have more control with the image I wanted. I look at other photographers, and I look at the crew they work with, and I realise I really need to get used to working with multiple people at once. I need to open my eyes to a more professional view.

In an ideal world, I should be working with a MUA, a hair stylist, and a fashion stylist in virtually every shoot. The last it seems, being the most difficult to get to work with.

The MUA I worked with was Adele from Cambridge. She is a photographer as well as a MUA. The make up work I wanted to be subtle, and I think she did a great job. It was good to just watch and ask questions, and to try and understand the process. I feel I should know all the terminology, just so I can explain better what I want.

Understanding make up has its benefits in the photoshop era too. For those that want to improve the shading on a face, or to add make up (in reality, or via photoshop) will find Kevyn Aucoin’s books of great use. The book in question is titled Making Faces. He has worked in the higher end of the industry for many years, and understands the face to a great degree.