Adam Rowney

Month: March, 2010

Update on Romanov Photoshoot

One of the jackets I will use for the photoshoot. ___________________________________________________________________ A little personal update. This is probably not interesting to most people, but it is good for me to write this down, helps me to self evaluate :) Some people have asked some details too so this gives them an opportunity to read a […]

Pre/Post Production

When I first started doing photography, back in 2005/06, I had a film camera. I would take photographs, then send them off to be developed. That was it. I would not plan my ideas to some great degree. I would not setup the shots. I would not develop the film myself. I did no post […]


The beautiful sparse white look created in Erwin Olaf‘s Royal Blood series inspired me to create a pure and white look for my Rainbow series. ___________________________________________________ I realise that I take influence from all around me. Its impossible to be an artist and not take any inspiration from others. Anyone who disagrees is in denial. […]

Latest Beauty Image

Just a small post with my most recent beauty shot. The model is the wonderful Eden Sparke, and the MUA is the ever lovely Adele Sanderson. The image is from the set I did when working with the first MUA I ever used.