End of University

by Adam Rowney

Tatiana, 1 of 7 images, from the Romanov series I did for my final module.


So, finally, that time has come to finish university. The last three years have been a progressive and important journey that has helped add perspective and understanding in what I now love even more.

I am constantly told that my portfolio is what is important, and that a piece of paper that says I did a degree won’t really affect me in the photography world. I am fairly sure myself that this is true, but I would never discourage someone from doing a degree in photography for that reason. I really feel I have learnt a lot, not just about photography, but also about myself.

So, now I have finished my studies, what next?

Well, my initial plans will be to finish the exhibition and sort out all the loose ends of university. My results will arrive in a months time, and I hate the wait.

After that, I plan on doing a few new series, as well as general test shoots. The next 365 days will be updating my portfolio, building up my contact base, and slowly trying to break into that tough place, the fashion industry.