by Adam Rowney

(I would comment on who the photographer is, but I do not know who this image belongs to.)

So my travel/work plans for Tokyo have taken a step forward. I am currently in Dubai. I arrived a few days ago to a 35degree Celsius heat at 2am. It is just too damn hot here in the summer. But I am here not for a holiday, but to see some of my family. I grew up in Dubai, so this was my home. It has been two years since I was last here, and the change is so evident. Every time I come back to Dubai, so much change has occurred. I am used to that. When I first came here when I was three years old, there was only one real skyscraper. Now there are around 500. Most of these have come about in the last 10 years.

But now I have plans to make. I have been busy trying to sort out various things for my journey to Tokyo. There is so much to consider when moving to a new place, even if it is just for a short stay. Things to consider beforehand include: accommodation (where, budget), insurance, money (and exchange rates), plans for arrival, contacts in Tokyo. Of course this all has to relate to the fact I will be working with a photographer, so living near her and making sure everything can work well together with her schedule is of course extremely important.