Tokyo Animation and an Ever Diverse Industry

by Adam Rowney

While in Tokyo a small team, including myself, formed for a project. The intention was to create a concept for a Tokyo based fashion designer. The brief was to design a stop motion animation showcasing the designers clothes, as well as imagery that backed the concept up. Having never done stop motion before, this little concept ended up being a quite complex and tricky project. I had done small animations before, GIF’s, which were a few frames long, but this was planning on being around the 2 minute mark, with over 500 frames.

After a lot of research, a lot of finding solutions to certain issues, and a lot of work, we created the animation and the images for the client.

The reason I am mentioning this in my blog, was this type of work was completely out of character for me. I tend to stick with fashion and beauty still imagery. It’s ok to do that, just focus on one sector of the market. But more and more photographers are expanding into different sectors. So many fashion photographers are becoming directors, cinematographers, animators, etc. Perhaps you could say this is diluting the ability to focus and improve on one medium, which is perhaps true. But giving yourself new abilities would most certainly make yourself not only more marketable, but also perhaps more skilled at finding solutions to new problems. After all, being creative at anything helps towards any sector you work in.

You can find the video here.

Designer: part.of
Photographer: Adam Rowney + Amelia Aventine
Model: Akiko Yamaguchi
Make-Up: Tashi

Special thanks to:
Kazuko Nobuyama
Michiko Nobuyama
Mizuki Nagatoro