Adam Rowney

Month: May, 2011

Facemask Beauty

This animated GIF is taken from a photographic collaboration between Amelia Aventine and I. We created this in Tokyo, with Chie Suicide modeling, and Tashi doing the makeup. The shoot was unusual for us for a few reasons: – Chie, the model, didn’t speak English. Luckily the shoot was very basic in what we wanted, […]

Adamphetamine Addiction

So after many years of avoiding the fact that Tumblr is expanding at quite an impressive rate, I have finally decided to add myself to the increasing list of people on there. I should have joined years ago, and caught the bandwagon. Now I am perhaps a little behind, but that’s ok. I will post […]

Understanding The Need For Retouchers

When I started taking photography more seriously, I started to come across photographers who used retouchers. At first glance, I was against the principal. For me, an artist, photographer, or otherwise, created their work on entirely their own merit. The idea that in fact someone else did a great deal of the work I found […]