Facemask Beauty

by Adam Rowney

This animated GIF is taken from a photographic collaboration between Amelia Aventine and I. We created this in Tokyo, with Chie Suicide modeling, and Tashi doing the makeup.

The shoot was unusual for us for a few reasons:

– Chie, the model, didn’t speak English. Luckily the shoot was very basic in what we wanted, but it was still unusual to do. We had someone to help translate what we wanted.

– The actual shooting time was minimal in comparison to the makeup work and the post production. Tashi would work for ±30mins per makeup style, then I spent less than 5mins photographing. The retouching was done by both Amelia and I, and this took ±8 hours. Once the base image was done, the eyes for the other images perhaps took 30minutes, and were transferred over, to make sure all the images had uniformity.

The series has five varying makeup styles, of which three I will post up to Flickr. To add to that, one of the completed images was created into an animated GIF, which you can see at above, and also at www.adamrowney.com, alongside the others. The GIF was originally created as a joke, but I decided to use it in my actual portfolio, just because it catches people off guard, and I like that.