Adam Rowney

Month: September, 2011

Website Redevelopment

The last few weeks I have been redesigning my website. I decided to expand upon my current design and allow for future expansion. I realised that most of my photography sites and my photography related social networking sites didn’t really feel linked. I wanted to make sure they all mimicked each other well. I thought […]

Personal Workspace

When I started working with digital media, I always wondered what setup other people used when working. I thought perhaps some people might be curious to know the setup I use. Although I must point out, the equipment I use is dated and hardly high end. I think new equipment is great, but also, working […]

New House, New Home

I have been house hunting for the last few months, and I recently moved into a shiny new house with Rebecca Imogen Tun and Gestalta. One of the rooms is going to be converted into a studio for personal work. The above image is of my lovely new bedroom. The image is a quick photomerge, […]