When you are a photographer…

by Adam Rowney

… and you hide yourself from the world. Wtf.

No, seriously. If you are working in the industry, shooting fashion, beauty, commercial photography, photojournalism, anything, you should want to get your name and your images out into the world. I get so many people add me on various networking sites who don’t include links to their work anywhere. In fact, they seem to go out of their way to hide their work details. I understand that some things you might want to hide from the world, but your work should not be one of those.

Possibly worse still, people who do post their work, yet show no care for what they post. I so often see broken links, bad spelling and poor grammar on the front page of their networking sites, or even on their main websites. This just puts out such an awful image, and anyone who views their page will think that they just don’t give a damn about their work. Which, to be honest, they probably don’t it seems.