Adam Rowney

Month: May, 2012

Behind the Scenes – April 2012

    Below are a few behind the scenes images from a shoot that I worked on in April. Above is one of the finalised images. The shoot was a lookbook style editorial, with the images ranging between full length and half length shots. We ended up shooting 5 different looks during the shoot. The […]

Publications – May

Lately I have been pushing for my work to get published. I spent a great deal of time researching and finding various magazines that take on editorials via submission. I say research, as magazines don’t just print anything. They obviously target a certain audience, and I had to fit into that target range. To add […]

Hunting Cats

From now on, I’ve decided to hide cat references in my posts. Why? Because why not. Every single post after this will have a hidden reference of some kind to cats. Some will be easy to find, while others, you may have to think outside of the box.