The Implications of Social Collapse to a Photographer

by Adam Rowney


In a previous post, I wrote an article on The Implications of a Zombie Infestation to a Photographer. With the up and coming end of the world about to happen, it seemed appropriate to discuss how this would affect a photographer’s life. By all means this post is written with regards to the scenario of the hierarchical system collapsing, due to some kind of global tragedy – leaving the world in turmoil, with no leadership, or society to follow of any kind. This does not include the scenario of the world actually ending with the extermination of all life as we know it. That would be a pointless article.

While most people would see the decline of the modern human being as a great loss, an opportunist would be able to quickly carve out a new niche from their surroundings. Most opportunists would steal and kill those around them, others would take whatever opportunities they can to help. The collapse of a society would bring death, famine, but also hopefully the rebirth of humanity. Would the world need a photographer at that current time – not really. To re-build society, the creative sectors of the world would somewhat suffer. People would need doctors, engineers, leaders. A photographer in this day and age would be about as useful as chocolate oven gloves. But when if society did rebuild itself, then people would want to see the events that shaped the world, and see the collapse as it had happened. From the everyday person, to the historians wanting to document what happened. Stories change over time, but with an image, that story has more credibility and impact. So, this is your opportunity. There are no guarantees that the world would need such images, maybe humanity would just die out, but if it doesn’t, you will have created something of value and meaning.

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