Adam Rowney

Month: January, 2013

Behind The Scenes – Velvet Cover Shoot

This is from a cover shoot I did with Velvet Magazine. Not an in-depth behind the scenes post, but rather a post on the above image. Although I really like how the image came out, I havent really posted it online. I felt it didn’t really fit with my portfolio at the time, and it […]


For quite some time I have wanted to experiment with galaxy print. I don’t tend to use colour a lot in the work I do, especially more recently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love using it from time to time. Although, as can be seen, I have still kept the colours quite subtle in […]

Following Blogs Using Bloglovin

Aside from the questionably awful choice of website name, Bloglovin is a brilliant idea. For so long I have wanted a quick and easy way to follow blogs, and to get regular updates / notifications from them. Blogger has a follow feature, which is great, but this is an in-site only feature. Most Blogs, and […]

A Years Plan

An image from one of my favourite shoots of 2012 The business sector thrives on growth and consistency. Progressive companies often make lists of targets that they hope to achieve in certain time frames. They will look towards short term and long term goals, where ideally these two separate overall goals will work together for […]