by Adam Rowney


For quite some time I have wanted to experiment with galaxy print. I don’t tend to use colour a lot in the work I do, especially more recently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love using it from time to time. Although, as can be seen, I have still kept the colours quite subtle in this.

The shoot style I wanted to aim for was very clean and almost mechanical in some ways. For each style, I wanted both a straight forward, perhaps cold, image, as seen above. The following image would then be more dynamic, but still quite subtle. I like patterns within sets, which has been pointed out by others in the past. Even though I wanted subtlety, I still wanted that strong juxtaposition between the colour and the cold emptiness of the background.

For the shoot, I got together a team that I have used often in the past. I had Adele Sanderson doing the hair styling / makeup, and Lucinda Sinclair doing the fashion styling. I also had Victoria Fell modeling, who I had worked with a few years ago. She was one of the first models I had worked with, so it was great to work with her again. Their details can be found below.


Adele Sanderson – Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist

Lucinda Sinclair – Fashion Stylist

Victoria Fell – Model


adamrowney_galaxy2 adamrowney_galaxy3 adamrowney_galaxy4 adamrowney_galaxy5 adamrowney_galaxy6 adamrowney_galaxy7 adamrowney_galaxy8 adamrowney_galaxy9 adamrowney_galaxy10