Adam Rowney

Month: February, 2014

Test Shoot – Faded Out

┬áThe images in this post are from a test shoot that I did in January 2014. Simple lighting setup; butterfly lighting was used, shot using an umbrella with a Nikon SB600 flashgun. I use this lighting setup quite a lot, because it produces great results in small environments. It’s also quick and easy to setup, […]

Shoot with Alexandra

This was a shoot that I planned and shot in January. I worked with Selina before, while working for the fashion company Cocosa, where she was working as an intern there. We had talked about shooting together, with her styling the shoot, so I was really excited to finally work with her on a shoot. […]

Test Shoot – Demari

This set of images was taken as an after thought to a shoot I did in 2013. I posted the details to that shoot here, along with details to a publication in XO Magazine. I don’t tend to have grainy images, I try and avoid grain as I like images to remain as sharp as […]