Adam Rowney

Month: May, 2014

Shooting for Maharishi

I recently spent time working with Maharishi. The fashion label has a peaceful ethos, stating themselves as Pacifist Military Design. The creator of Maharishi is a designer by the name of Hardy Blechman, who recycles surplus military clothing to create his brand. The clothing is taken apart and redesigned to fit the brands aesthetic. The […]

When Megapixels Do Matter

Since digital photography began, there has been one marketing clichĂ© that has been constantly thrown around in a bid to win customers. The Importance of Megapixels. The more you have, the better your camera. More megapixels means better images! This is pretty much bullshit, and people have started to realise this. Cramming so many pixels into […]

Interview With Artistas Sean Unidos

For any Spanish speakers out there, I was interviewed for Artistas Sean Unidos in April. ASU is an Argentinian based website dedicated to independent artists, emerging designers, musicians, artists, etc. You can find the interview here. Muffin is indeed one of my favourites words of all time <3