Windswept Overhead

by Adam Rowney

I took this shot of Ella while testing out my camera phone. I treated it as a still life, so I adjusted her hair, hand positions, direction of her look etc. She has such gorgeous long and beautiful hair, and it had recently been dyed with henna, so it looked incredible from this angle. On a side note, I definitely love the windswept look for overhead shots.

I wanted something portable to carry around on our walks out in the countryside together, and so I went for a phone that could take good images (for a phone at least), and the LGG4 had good reviews. The LGG4 allow manual control over focus, white balance, shutter speed, and ISO. It also has RAW capability, so it seemed a good choice. The image has been heavily cropped, and it was shot in a dark room, so I think considering the sensor is so incredibly small, it did a good job.

Here is a bonus shot of Totty, owner of Ella, via my Instagram – @adamrowneyphoto.