Gold in the Darkness

by Adam Rowney


This was very much a last minute shoot, planned for a collaboration for a creative group started by my beautiful Ella Ruth, and by Nathalie Donado. When I say last minute, I’m not saying that lightly. The deadline was 31st January, at Midnight. I started shooting on 31st January at 8:30pm that night, finished shooting at 11:30pm, and had the image uploading with a few minutes to spare. I worked with Anna previously in December 2014, and this shoot we just did recently was about as far in visual aesthetics from the previous shoot as you can get. I’d never shot anything like this before, so it was a challenge to get the flash heads to light up the glitter correctly. The glitter on the face was added in post production as I did not want to risk getting any glitter in Annas eyes. On a final note, the studio was covered in glitter after this, and I’m sure I will still find it in the months to come.