Castles in the Sky

by Adam Rowney


Ella and I have been planning on going on adventures together for so long now, and it finally happened! We flew to Germany late March for just under two weeks. We planned to do as much adventuring amongst the hilltops and mountains of South Germany, with the goal to find some beautiful countryside to visit, and some amazing castles to explore. Germany has some gorgeous castles! So many that we plan to go back some time in the future.

We spent the first half of our travels staying in an Airbnb in the town of Baden Baden. The little town set in the valleys of the south of Germany was adorable, and surrounded by the hills and little mountains of the region. While we were there, the town was often covered in mist, with clouds so low you could almost touch them. And when we hiked up, we often found we were amongst the clouds, or when we reached the top, looking down on them. An old castle, in ruin, was at the top of one of these hikes. The atmosphere was incredible, especially with the wind rushing over and through the castle, with the clouds above, and all the little rooms and courtyards to explore.

The second half of our journey was a short train ride away to the sleepy town of Lichtenstein. Just like Baden Baden, this was a town situated within a steep sided valley, and was filled with mist and beautiful walks along the hills. Castle Lichtenstein was set into the side of the hills, overlooking the town, so the views from up there were amazing! Every hike we did, we took local German beers with us, different ones every time. When we reached the summit, we would rest on the top, looking down to where we had come from, with a beer each to relax with.

I bought a new camera with me for the trip, a Canon G5x. I felt that as I was going to be hiking all day, I didn’t want to be weighed down by my D750. She’s a lovely camera, but I wanted something more portable. I figured whatever I bought would be used a lot for travels, and for any other time I did not feel like taking my DSLR, so this journey was good testing ground for her.