Delicate Light

by Adam Rowney


For anyone who doesn’t know, my focus with my photography is often the model and how they are themselves presented. I don’t focus on the background so much; I like a minimalist design, and images like these probably show this the most. I like a very clean-cut style, almost graphic in appearance, and maybe a little dreamlike where possible. I’ve worked with this model once before, on a similar yet very different shoot, and it was nice to go for something very contrasting from our previous shoot.

When lighting shoots I like to try and keep things simple where possible. The largest setup I have had to use required 5 flash heads, but usually I stick with 1 or 2. For this shoot, a large rectangle softbox off to the side was fine. The studio room I shoot is very light, so the shadows are never really that harsh, which works well on soft and delicate shoots like this.

Model Via Base Model Management