Scouting Out Snowdonia

by Adam Rowney


Towards the end of July and during the beginning of August, Ella and I spent a few days traveling around Wales, scouting out the countryside, and shooting in some of the beautiful locations in and around Snowdonia. We knew it would be beautiful there, and during many of the days it was covered in mist, which just added to the grandeur of the area. So much so that we plan to revisit Snowdonia in the near future, with the possibility of climbing Mount Snowdon if the weather is right.

We camped in a tent when we were there, and we learnt two things. First, it was a lot colder than planned, so we spent the evening on the lake shore with a fire burning. In the night we snuffled up together hiding under the blankets to keep us warm. And second, the mist in the morning really was something special. Unzipping the tent and poking our heads out in the morning was a beautiful way to wake up.

To keep my travel pack as light as possible, I took my trusty little Canon G5x that I first took to Germany with me. It has become my go to camera when hiking. I need to keep the weight down, as my backpack is usually quite heavy due to the Drone I often travel with. While she is a heavy little beasty, she offers incredible footage taken from the air, so I am going to start using her more and more in the coming months.