Black & White – 27/11/16

by Adam Rowney


Not the first time I have photographed Thais, but definitely a step in a completely different direction. We had originally wanted our first shoot to have a similar black & white feel to this shoot, but we ended up changing direction, so it was nice to finally get that dark aesthetic shot with Thais.

I love shooting against gunmetal grey backgrounds for black & white photography, although it’s probably worth pointing out that any dark colour will obviously convert to a strong and striking black & white. A good example is from this shoot, which was done against a purple colorama. Flashguns and umbrellas were used for this, giving that harsher edge to the definition on the body. I kept the skin retouching quite minimal, and the background was retouched to keep the subtle transition of the light as smooth as possible.

Model – Thais Hilgenberg