Test Shoot – Jessica Morfey

by Adam Rowney

Probably my biggest frustration on set is how the hair looks in camera. I imagine if you ask any retoucher the most difficult aspect of a shoot, it would be rescuing badly styled hair. Fortunately I had Olivia on set, jumping in and out between shots making sure everything was perfect. I shoot a lot of commercial fashion, and a good Hair & Makeup Artist knows when to jump in and adjust; it can make such a difference to the images. In fact the whole team needs to be in tune with each other, or the resulting images just don’t have that certain quality. Needless to say, it affects numbers. Clients want results, and finding that balance between shooting quickly and efficiently, and shooting strong work, can be difficult to achieve. A good team makes that happen.

Model – Jessica Morfey
Hair + Makeup – Olivia Jenkins