Test Shoot – Colleen Deary

by Adam Rowney

With mixed feelings, the studio I work at is relocating out of the city. I have been shooting there for 3 years now, on a mix of commercial fashion and creative advertising, so it was a shame to hear the studio was coming to an end. But with every end comes a new beginning, a different path to learn new skills and to push myself creatively. I felt too many ideas were being recycled, so maybe this will help give a fresh perspective on the industry, and open new doors that will lead to better work.

This is the first time I have worked with Colleen, so it was great to work with someone fresh and exciting. I usually like a more subtle look to the angles and expressions used, but I loved the mix of ideas that Colleen brought with her. I’ve known Olivia for a few years, but only worked with her for the first time recently. We kept the styling simple, with soft lighting created with two umbrellas and two flashguns.

Model – Colleen Deary
Hair + Makeup – Olivia Jenkins