Adam Rowney

Category: Industry

Test Shoot – Colleen Deary

With mixed feelings, the studio I work at is relocating out of the city. I have been shooting there for 3 years now, on a mix of commercial fashion and creative advertising, so it was a shame to hear the studio was coming to an end. But with every end comes a new beginning, a […]

Test Shoot – Jessica Morfey

Probably my biggest frustration on set is how the hair looks in camera. I imagine if you ask any retoucher the most difficult aspect of a shoot, it would be rescuing badly styled hair. Fortunately I had Olivia on set, jumping in and out between shots making sure everything was perfect. I shoot a lot […]

Workhorse; Or How I Learnt Not To Be A Bambi And To Be More Flexible.

I’ve been using Nikon for just over a decade now. I started out with a film camera, a Nikon F65, and spent most of my final teenage years traveling and photographing the people around me. It wasn’t a great camera, but it got the job done. I was new to the photographic scene, a hobbyist […]

Block Party

This series of images was shot with a bold colour theme in mind, with a strong emphasis on a clean cut almost graphic feel to it. The styling kept with this theme to add some pop to the overall feel. Shooting tethered with a 5DII, with a large softbox just above and off centre. I […]

Ethereal Grace

Back in 2012, while on a cover shoot, I ended up shooting some overhead shots of the model. I was balanced precariously up a tree with the model laid out flat on the grass. The images ended up looking amazing and I really loved them! Although I didn’t end up using them in the publication, […]