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Test Shoot – Colleen Deary

With mixed feelings, the studio I work at is relocating out of the city. I have been shooting there for 3 years now, on a mix of commercial fashion and creative advertising, so it was a shame to hear the studio was coming to an end. But with every end comes a new beginning, a […]

Test Shoot – Jessica Morfey

Probably my biggest frustration on set is how the hair looks in camera. I imagine if you ask any retoucher the most difficult aspect of a shoot, it would be rescuing badly styled hair. Fortunately I had Olivia on set, jumping in and out between shots making sure everything was perfect. I shoot a lot […]

Black & White – 27/11/16

=^_^= Not the first time I have photographed Thais, but definitely a step in a completely different direction. We had originally wanted our first shoot to have a similar black & white feel to this shoot, but we ended up changing direction, so it was nice to finally get that dark aesthetic shot with Thais. […]

Scouting Out Snowdonia

Towards the end of July and during the beginning of August, Ella and I spent a few days traveling around Wales, scouting out the countryside, and shooting in some of the beautiful locations in and around Snowdonia. We knew it would be beautiful there, and during many of the days it was covered in mist, […]

Delicate Light

For anyone who doesn’t know, my focus with my photography is often the model and how they are themselves presented. I don’t focus on the background so much; I like a minimalist design, and images like these probably show this the most. I like a very clean-cut style, almost graphic in appearance, and maybe a […]