Adam Rowney

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Scouting Out Snowdonia

Towards the end of July and during the beginning of August, Ella and I spent a few days traveling around Wales, scouting out the countryside, and shooting in some of the beautiful locations in and around Snowdonia. We knew it would be beautiful there, and during many of the days it was covered in mist, […]

Delicate Light

For anyone who doesn’t know, my focus with my photography is often the model and how they are themselves presented. I don’t focus on the background so much; I like a minimalist design, and images like these probably show this the most. I like a very clean-cut style, almost graphic in appearance, and maybe a […]

Castles in the Sky

Ella and I have been planning on going on adventures together for so long now, and it finally happened! We flew to Germany late March for just under two weeks. We planned to do as much adventuring amongst the hilltops and mountains of South Germany, with the goal to find some beautiful countryside to visit, […]


In a weeks time I am going to Germany with meiner kleiner katze, Ella. We’re going hiking in the hills and mountains in the south, looking to explore the castles in the region. This all seemed like a perfect opportunity to do some travel photography, which lead me to think about what equipment to take. […]

Gold in the Darkness

This was very much a last minute shoot, planned for a collaboration for a creative group started by my beautiful Ella Ruth, and by Nathalie Donado. When I say last minute, I’m not saying that lightly. The deadline was 31st January, at Midnight. I started shooting on 31st January at 8:30pm that night, finished shooting […]