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Behind The Scenes – Galaxy Shoot

Just a quick post on the Galaxy Shoot, with some behind the scenes images.

Behind The Scenes – Velvet Cover Shoot

This is from a cover shoot I did with Velvet Magazine. Not an in-depth behind the scenes post, but rather a post on the above image. Although I really like how the image came out, I havent really posted it online. I felt it didn’t really fit with my portfolio at the time, and it […]

Behind the Scenes – April 2012

    Below are a few behind the scenes images from a shoot that I worked on in April. Above is one of the finalised images. The shoot was a lookbook style editorial, with the images ranging between full length and half length shots. We ended up shooting 5 different looks during the shoot. The […]

Behind the Scenes – February 2012

  Just a few behind the scenes shots, taken from shoots that I did in February. I havent posted the images yet as they might be used for publication *fingers crossed*. The shoots were with Gestalta and with Emma Bugg. I will post them as soon as I can.            

Behind the Scenes – February 2011

Makeup being done for the Facemask Beauty images. The idea was to create beauty images that had a very Japanese feel to them. As facemasks are commonly seen in Japan, it felt weird and interesting to create a series with the facemask as a prop. This was a collaboration between Amelia and I. Images will […]