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Black & White – 27/11/16

=^_^= Not the first time I have photographed Thais, but definitely a step in a completely different direction. We had originally wanted our first shoot to have a similar black & white feel to this shoot, but we ended up changing direction, so it was nice to finally get that dark aesthetic shot with Thais. […]

Test Shoot – Faded Out

┬áThe images in this post are from a test shoot that I did in January 2014. Simple lighting setup; butterfly lighting was used, shot using an umbrella with a Nikon SB600 flashgun. I use this lighting setup quite a lot, because it produces great results in small environments. It’s also quick and easy to setup, […]

Silver Light II

  Thee images are taken from a shoot I did in early May, with the intention of creating a very clean cut, but delicate beauty set. The model had long dark hair which was perfect for what I wanted. Like the previous Silver Light shoot, I wanted to create a set of images that look […]

Silver Light

  When I created this series, I set out to make images that looked like they were created from silver. I love this type of aesthetic in an image, and I often see people who inspire me, who I truly admire, create black & white imagery like this. I really love symmetry, especially when symmetry […]