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Diamond Shoot

I have been living with Gestalta and her three cats for the past year, and have only recently worked with her for the first time. It was a shoot that we had talked about for so long, but had never got round to doing. And finally we went ahead and did it, and these were […]


So being in Tokyo has allowed me the opportunity to see the fashion styles in Japan first hand. Obviously it can be seen in magazines (like the suitably bizarre Japanese Vogue), but to really see it in person makes such a big difference. It seems the two main places to go for all the large […]

Latest Beauty Image

Just a small post with my most recent beauty shot. The model is the wonderful Eden Sparke, and the MUA is the ever lovely Adele Sanderson. The image is from the set I did when working with the first MUA I ever used.

Interview – Laurence Laborie

I have been following Laurence Laborie’s photography for a few years now. I came across her work while researching the Hasselblad Masters Award, (of which she won an award). It is given only to the very best photographer’s of the time, and is a highly respected accolade. I have spoken to herĀ  before, and recently […]

Changing Direction

(One of the very few images from a few years ago that I still love) I have always had an interest in fashion & beauty photography. The elegance, the styling, the clothes, hair, makeup, the whole controlled or semi-controlled process from start to finish.. I like control in my photography. I like to control the […]