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Tokyo Animation and an Ever Diverse Industry

While in Tokyo a small team, including myself, formed for a project. The intention was to create a concept for a Tokyo based fashion designer. The brief was to design a stop motion animation showcasing the designers clothes, as well as imagery that backed the concept up. Having never done stop motion before, this little […]

Behind the Scenes – February 2011

Makeup being done for the Facemask Beauty images. The idea was to create beauty images that had a very Japanese feel to them. As facemasks are commonly seen in Japan, it felt weird and interesting to create a series with the facemask as a prop. This was a collaboration between Amelia and I. Images will […]

Decepticon Toilets & Panda Hats

Above, my panda hat. I bought it for my trip as I think it looks so awesome, I love it, and want to wear it. Right now, it is too hot in Japan. A record summer. I will have to wait a few months. The day before my flight to Tokyo arrived. It was rather […]

Accomodation Hell

Finding a decent place to live, in the right place, at the right price, is a nightmare. Simply put, it is hell. If you have all the money in the world, then it does not matter, but if you have a limited budget, then a little research goes a long way. What I did not […]


(I would comment on who the photographer is, but I do not know who this image belongs to.) So my travel/work plans for Tokyo have taken a step forward. I am currently in Dubai. I arrived a few days ago to a 35degree Celsius heat at 2am. It is just too damn hot here in […]