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On Set With The Romanovs

The photoshoots have been pretty sweet. They have been difficult to organize, and there have been a few cancellations and changes of plan, but overall I’m really happy with the whole experience. There were 6 photoshoots in total and I worked with 12 people throughout. I had images of the style of makeup I wanted […]

Latest Beauty Image

Just a small post with my most recent beauty shot. The model is the wonderful Eden Sparke, and the MUA is the ever lovely Adele Sanderson. The image is from the set I did when working with the first MUA I ever used.

MUA / Make Up Artist

This image is from a set I did with the first MUA I ever used. I decided to experiment with MUA’s recently, so I could have more control with the image I wanted. I look at other photographers, and I look at the crew they work with, and I realise I really need to get […]


Photography is relatively new to my life. I have only taken it seriously for just over five years. It wasn’t until I started university just over 2 years ago that my life became more dedicated to using a camera. All this sudden rush of new ideas and processes has created so many first time experiences […]