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Personal Workspace

When I started working with digital media, I always wondered what setup other people used when working. I thought perhaps some people might be curious to know the setup I use. Although I must point out, the equipment I use is dated and hardly high end. I think new equipment is great, but also, working […]

Developing a Retouchers Eye

This post isn’t just relevant to retouchers; I think it is relevant to photographers from all the different disciplines. A photographer should be able to analyse an image, and consider how to improve it. This might not necessarily be in a destructive/constructive manner in the way a retoucher is often known to do, but it […]

Understanding The Need For Retouchers

When I started taking photography more seriously, I started to come across photographers who used retouchers. At first glance, I was against the principal. For me, an artist, photographer, or otherwise, created their work on entirely their own merit. The idea that in fact someone else did a great deal of the work I found […]

Pre/Post Production

When I first started doing photography, back in 2005/06, I had a film camera. I would take photographs, then send them off to be developed. That was it. I would not plan my ideas to some great degree. I would not setup the shots. I would not develop the film myself. I did no post […]