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Publications – May

Lately I have been pushing for my work to get published. I spent a great deal of time researching and finding various magazines that take on editorials via submission. I say research, as magazines don’t just print anything. They obviously target a certain audience, and I had to fit into that target range. To add […]

Breathing New Life Into Old Images

  So last month, I was pleasantly surprised to find an incredibly talented graphic artist by the name of Mario Arturo wanted to use one of my images for the above book cover. The design was created using an image that I did before I was even interested in fashion imagery. I never thought it […]

1st Published Series

When I completed my Rainbow series, I decided to try to get my work published. I decided to try not only magazines, but also online magazines, journals and blogs. My work is not well known at all, so the chance of a magazine publishing me I knew would be slim. My hopes held out that […]