Adam Rowney

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Neutral Backgrounds and Lightning Cats

Human beings are extremely flawed when it comes to colour. We see such a tiny fraction of the entire colour spectrum, and because of this we miss out on a lot of what there is to see. But what we do see is sometimes beautiful beyond words. With more and more people taking an interest […]

The Devil Is In The Details

“The phrase “The Devil is in the details” expresses the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly; details are important.” – This is so true with photography, with retouching and with every other creative outlet. Every step in the image making process is vital, and doing each step properly and efficiently only helps […]

Personal Workspace

When I started working with digital media, I always wondered what setup other people used when working. I thought perhaps some people might be curious to know the setup I use. Although I must point out, the equipment I use is dated and hardly high end. I think new equipment is great, but also, working […]

Developing a Retouchers Eye

This post isn’t just relevant to retouchers; I think it is relevant to photographers from all the different disciplines. A photographer should be able to analyse an image, and consider how to improve it. This might not necessarily be in a destructive/constructive manner in the way a retoucher is often known to do, but it […]

Understanding The Need For Retouchers

When I started taking photography more seriously, I started to come across photographers who used retouchers. At first glance, I was against the principal. For me, an artist, photographer, or otherwise, created their work on entirely their own merit. The idea that in fact someone else did a great deal of the work I found […]