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October Test Shoot

  As mentioned in a previous post, I recently moved to, and now live in a warehouse in London. The room I moved in to was essential a shell, and empty space with white walls and a door. There was nothing inside, not even a bed or a mattress, so my first few nights was […]

London Calling

I have been talking about moving to London for way too long. Cambridge is beautiful, but it lacks a lot of energy. Don’t get me wrong, it has a creative community, but not in the scale that London has. London has a vast wealth of agencies, stylists, art directors, and every other element needed for […]

New House, New Home

I have been house hunting for the last few months, and I recently moved into a shiny new house with Rebecca Imogen Tun and Gestalta. One of the rooms is going to be converted into a studio for personal work. The above image is of my lovely new bedroom. The image is a quick photomerge, […]

Update on Romanov Photoshoot

One of the jackets I will use for the photoshoot. ___________________________________________________________________ A little personal update. This is probably not interesting to most people, but it is good for me to write this down, helps me to self evaluate :) Some people have asked some details too so this gives them an opportunity to read a […]