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Tokyo Animation and an Ever Diverse Industry

While in Tokyo a small team, including myself, formed for a project. The intention was to create a concept for a Tokyo based fashion designer. The brief was to design a stop motion animation showcasing the designers clothes, as well as imagery that backed the concept up. Having never done stop motion before, this little […]

Behind the Scenes – February 2011

Makeup being done for the Facemask Beauty images. The idea was to create beauty images that had a very Japanese feel to them. As facemasks are commonly seen in Japan, it felt weird and interesting to create a series with the facemask as a prop. This was a collaboration between Amelia and I. Images will […]

Dresscamp Spring / Summer 2011

My new cat hat which I wore to the event. I love my new cat hat. …………………………………….. So the other day I went and saw my first fashion exhibition. It was quite a surreal experience. It was amazing. The atmosphere was incredible. The entire show played around everyone’s senses. The lighting had so much life […]


So being in Tokyo has allowed me the opportunity to see the fashion styles in Japan first hand. Obviously it can be seen in magazines (like the suitably bizarre Japanese Vogue), but to really see it in person makes such a big difference. It seems the two main places to go for all the large […]

Decepticon Toilets & Panda Hats

Above, my panda hat. I bought it for my trip as I think it looks so awesome, I love it, and want to wear it. Right now, it is too hot in Japan. A record summer. I will have to wait a few months. The day before my flight to Tokyo arrived. It was rather […]