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End of University

Tatiana, 1 of 7 images, from the Romanov series I did for my final module. ____________________ So, finally, that time has come to finish university. The last three years have been a progressive and important journey that has helped add perspective and understanding in what I now love even more. I am constantly told that […]

On Set With The Romanovs

The photoshoots have been pretty sweet. They have been difficult to organize, and there have been a few cancellations and changes of plan, but overall I’m really happy with the whole experience. There were 6 photoshoots in total and I worked with 12 people throughout. I had images of the style of makeup I wanted […]

Update on Romanov Photoshoot

One of the jackets I will use for the photoshoot. ___________________________________________________________________ A little personal update. This is probably not interesting to most people, but it is good for me to write this down, helps me to self evaluate :) Some people have asked some details too so this gives them an opportunity to read a […]