Adam Rowney

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Updated Website

I tend to update my website at least twice a year. This gives me the chance to not only add new content to the portfolio itself, but it also allows me to add or take away features where necessary. To add to that, it allows me to streamline the design and coding. My previous update […]

Website Redevelopment

The last few weeks I have been redesigning my website. I decided to expand upon my current design and allow for future expansion. I realised that most of my photography sites and my photography related social networking sites didn’t really feel linked. I wanted to make sure they all mimicked each other well. I thought […]

New Design

So my last website lasted a mere 7 months. I must be on version 5 or 6 by now. I promised myself that my next site after would be professionally made. It would have flawless lightweight code. The coding would be neat and tidy and easy to understand. The styling would be simple and elegant. […]